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Amazing Senior, Amazing location

If you have read much of our blog or looked through our Facebook pages, you probably already know we shoot a lot of Seniors. We always have a planning session, hopefully weeks before the actual shoots take place, so we can interact with our Seniors and let them help us get THEIR creative ideas!

I don’t think I have ever shot anyone who didn’t give us some creative look into their persona and help us create that shot that is unique to them.

Here is one of those examples. travelling distance Callie goes to Johnston High School, in Johnston, Iowa. Here is a senior that knows what she wants both now and after college. She came to us looking for something different than all the rest of the photographers had been doing for her friends in the area. After we met for the initial planning session, I had several collaborative ideas what I wanted to shoot and in a couple of locations that I had never been to before. A couple of days later, I got a text message with a small screen capture from her cell phone and a text asking if I had ever shot at the Legal Library. She had found the site on the internet. Combining her passion to read, lead and be unique brought us together with this location right to the top of the list!

Here is one of my favorite shots from the location. In between the tours, in absolute silence and without disturbing a thing, we came away with this fantastic and unique photograph that truly captures Callie and her persona.

Thanks, Callie for ALL the ideas.


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