High School Senior Photo – Clowning Around!

Clowning Around

Clowning Around

Sometimes you just want to clown around for the camera! If you have a High School Senior photo idea that you have always wanted to do, we would love to hear about it! Every Senior shoot is unique with us and I think this shows that.

Love to hear your ideas!


Lil was here! – Johnston Senior Photographer



We we have been waiting for Lillian to come in for her Senior 2015 session for quite a while! She is just a natural for being in front of the lens, and is always throwing out ideas for the next shot.

The images are all made and we are getting them finished for her to see.  We will be posting some more of this fantastic shoot early next week. 

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Seniors are so CREATIVE

Unique Senior Photography

Amazing Senior, Amazing location

If you have read much of our blog or looked through our Facebook pages, you probably already know we shoot a lot of Seniors. We always have a planning session, hopefully weeks before the actual shoots take place, so we can interact with our Seniors and let them help us get THEIR creative ideas!

I don’t think I have ever shot anyone who didn’t give us some creative look into their persona and help us create that shot that is unique to them.

Here is one of those examples. travelling distance Callie goes to Johnston High School, in Johnston, Iowa. Here is a senior that knows what she wants both now and after college. She came to us looking for something different than all the rest of the photographers had been doing for her friends in the area. After we met for the initial planning session, I had several collaborative ideas what I wanted to shoot and in a couple of locations that I had never been to before. A couple of days later, I got a text message with a small screen capture from her cell phone and a text asking if I had ever shot at the Legal Library. She had found the site on the internet. Combining her passion to read, lead and be unique brought us together with this location right to the top of the list!

Here is one of my favorite shots from the location. In between the tours, in absolute silence and without disturbing a thing, we came away with this fantastic and unique photograph that truly captures Callie and her persona.

Thanks, Callie for ALL the ideas.


Senior ignite models | Urbandale, Johnston, Valley and Rosevelt

When you have your Senior Portraits done at Jones Image Design you can choose to have your images entered into the national Seniors Ignite Model Competition.

As a Seniors Ignite Model finalist you will be featured on the national Seniors Ignite Model site AND you will receive $500 as a local scholscholarship.

National Seniors Ignite model winners across the US will receive a trip to model at the 2014 Seniors Ignite event in Las Vegas, where they will showcase upcoming fashion trends and model for some of us most talented senior portrait photographers in the world at of the most scenic and fashionable locations.
Email or call the studio right away as we have a limited amount of entities left to fill!

Senior ignite winner

Senior ignite winner for 2013

Are you the senior that can win this? Las Vegas!!

You can win this vacation.


You could easily be here in the dead of winter, having a great timer on the lake, or swimming in front of the many pools. How? Simply get your Senior photographs taken by us. Be are local winner and we are off.

You will be shot by Jones Image Design again in Las Vegas, and by 15 of the rest of the best photographers in the USA!!

Sound like fun? Fine the west studio a call at 515-270-0970 and find all about it. Looking forward to working with you!


How to Look Fabulous For Your Senior Photos – Des Moines Senior Photographer

Senior Photo with Bike

Senior Photo with Bike

When it comes to getting photos taken many of us can feel a bit anxious or self-conscious. The fact is, everyone has the ability to be photogenic and there are a few simple steps that you can take, to ensure that you truly shine for your senior photos.

1) Wear Your Favorite Clothes

It’s important to choose a flattering outfit for your photos but it’s equally important to find something that you feel comfortable in. As long as they are appropriate and not too revealing, your favorite clothes are the best representation of who you really are. For your upper half, try to avoid colors that are close to your skin tone because they can make you appear washed out. Rather than wearing patterns, solid colors are ideal to prevent the attention being drawn away from your face.

2) Have a Good Foundation for Your Makeup

After cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face, it’s important to use a foundation that matches closely to your skin color. If you have blemishes, apply a concealer first and blend it evenly. Always apply your makeup in natural light and don’t stop at your face – blend right down to your neck to eliminate makeup lines. Finish with a powder and instead of using blush use a bronzer on your cheekbones. Be subtle, you don’t want to look like a clown!

3) Don’t Go Crazy with the Eye Shadow

 A natural look is always the best option for eye shadow when you’re having your photo taken. Neutral colors work best, as bright or even dark colors can make the eyes appear smaller. Remember the eyes are the windows to the soul – you want them to stand out. Eyelashes are a great way to enhance your eyes so apply a few coats of a good mascara or even use false eyelashes. If you do go for the false ones keep them reasonably natural looking, the caterpillar look isn’t very appealing. You can also jump into the changing rooms and add or change the eye shadow for the outfit. Start simple.

4) Get Plenty of Beauty Sleep

In terms of looking good sleep is essential, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Try to go to bed earlier and get a solid 7-9 hours’ sleep for at least a few days before your photos, to prevent dark circles and bags under your eyes.

5) Don’t Use Any New Skin Care Products

 There is nothing worse than having irritated skin or even a complete breakout before having your photos taken. Don’t try any new skin care products or even makeup in the lead up to your photo shoot. Stick with the safe ones that you’ve used before, that you know won’t have any reactions with your skin.

6) Relax – We are Pros!

Last but not least – RELAX. We at Jones Image Design are the experts when it comes to photography and making you look your best for your Senior Photos.  Natural poses are best so let go of any inhibitions, have some fun and let your true character shine through!

See you soon,


Seniors, Seniors, Seniors

A few of the Seniors we have shot… Check out more on our Seniors Ignite “Trip to Vegas” AND our $500 scholarship for our winner on our blog.

The Senior Experience at Jones Image Design

An email from one of our FABULOUS past Senior clients and their experience with our Studio: Jones Image Design

The photo-shoot made me feel like a glamorous model – Allie M

When the photo studio I went to sent out an email to past clients to share their experience with them, I decided to write this quick message. Last year, I got my senior pictures done by Jones Image Design, a Des Moines senior photographer with an amazing studio.  I had a fantastic experience, and it is great to be able to go back and look at all those photos and my incredible book.  This memory will last forever, and bring back great memories of my senior year.  It will be fun to look back on my senior photos someday and reminisce on how I looked and what my activities were.

 I wanted to write a little bit about my experience, to encourage others to get senior pictures taken.  It would be a shame to skip them, and not have the memories to look back on.  It was a Friday afternoon when I got my photos done, and I was anxious walking into the studio with my best friend. I was really excited to get started. They offered both indoor and outdoor settings, so I took advantage of both. We started inside in my racing swimsuit, wearing my medals from the previous three years I had competed.  We took fantastic head shots for the senior book and then took several different outfits with different scenes. They gave me my own bathroom and dressing room, and the photo-shoot made me feel like a glamorous model.  It was really fun and probably one of the greatest experiences I will ever have… I didn’t want to leave!

For the outdoor shoot, I wore two different outfits, and had several different settings.  I did various poses, and the photographer was very helpful with suggesting different positions that would make me look fabulous.  Some of the poses felt really weird, but looking at the pictures, it was actually the most awkward feeling poses that looked the best.  Who would have thought! We seriously busted out laughing about a couple of them. I am so glad I had a professional photographer to guide me and help me out.

I had an absolutely amazing experience and would hate to see someone miss out on such a fantastic experience for their senior photos.  As I see many of my younger friends getting their senior pictures done by their friends and I shudder and always try to explain to them how getting professional senior pictures are a great investment. Several of my friends from other schools; Urbandale High School, Johnston High School, and Valley High School all went to Jones Image Design for their senior portraits, and they were all “over the top” thrilled, just like I was!

Thank you both for making it such a fantastic day!

-Allie M




Jones Image Design Logo

The Senior Photos Experience

Senior photos are one of the most important events of a young person’s life. They are a milestone and a hallmark for them to compare to in their later years and to look back on. It takes a lot of consideration to choose the best possible photographer to take your photos. The Des Moines area is filled with photographers, but few take the care to get to know the senior before hand and learn about their likes and dislikes before diving into the deep end of taking photos. From Urbandale to Waukee and Valley High School, Jones Image Design provides the most “fun” experience and the highest quality photographs. This award winning studio is Perfect place for capturing the real you and giving you the ultimate Senior Photography experience.

Most students only do Senior photos once. So they have to be done right. We help you get everything right the first time from the clothes, to the props to the setting. Whether you want a photo shoot in a field, or in our large indoor studio, we can accommodate. Stop by the studio and get our free “Senior Portrait Guide” that we created. It will answer all your questions on what to wear, what looks good, and what to avoid with answers to many of our most frequent questions. We fill up fast, so call to get yours scheduled soon.

Senior Photo with Bike

Senior Photo with Bike

With your senior year being so busy with college applications, SATs and ACTs, having your senior photos taken in the summer and perhaps some in the fall leaves should be stress free for you and your family. Call us now to take all the hard work out of it. And, for sure if you are a football player, on the cheer squad or in the marching band you should call for a spot now to get your shots taken before your schedule is full.

With pricing as competitive as anyone in the city, you simply cannot beat Jones Image Design for your senior photography experience. Come to us for the “best Senior Experience” in Des Moines. Don’t forget to look at our  “Seniors Ignite – Model” contest. You can enter to win a chance to go to Las Vegas and be photographed by some of the best photographers in the USA, and win numerous local prizes. Jones Image Design is one the elite Seniors Ignite photographers and the ONLY one in Iowa chosen to participate. We look forward to making you look your absolute best for your special year.

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